Exchange Controls As A Fiscal Instrument, SLIDES
by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
AEA Meetings, 2024


Whatever It Takes? Market Maker of Last Resort and its Fragility, SLIDES
by Dong Beom Choi and Tanju Yorulmazer
Douglas Gale Festschrift, 2023

Bailing out (Firms') Uninsured Deposits: A Quantitative Analysis, SLIDES
by Aaron Pancost and Roberto Robatto
Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility, 2023

The Macroeconomics of Trade Credit, SLIDES
by Luigi Bocola and Gideon Bornstein
4th TWID International Finance Conference, 2023

Redistributive Inflation and Optimal Monetary Policy, SLIDES
by Yucheng Yang
China International Conference in Finance (CICF), 2023

Falling Interest Rates and Credit Reallocation: Lessons from General Equilibrium, SLIDES
by Vladimir Asriyan, Luc Laeven, Alberto Martin, Alejandro Van der Ghote, and Victoria Vanasco
Third Conference on Non-Bank Financial Sector and Financial Stability, 2023

Valuing Financial Data, SLIDES
by Maryam Farboodi, Dhruv Singal, Laura Veldkamp, and Venky Venkataswaran
SFS Cavalcade, 2023

Stablecoin Runs and the Centralization of Arbitrage, SLIDES
by Yiming Ma, Yao Zeng, and Anthony Lee Zhang
OFR Rising Scholars Conference, 2023

Green Capital Requirements, SLIDES
by Martin Oehmke and Marcus Opp
AFA Meetings, 2023


Socially Responsible Divestment, SLIDES
by Alex Edmans, Doron Levit, and Jan Schneemeier
NBER Corporate Finance Fall Meeting, 2022

Bank Runs, Fragility, and Credit Easing, SLIDES
by Manuel Amador and Javier Bianchi
Bank of Canada Workshop on Monetary Policy Research, 2022

(In)efficiency in Information Acquisition and Aggregation through Prices, SLIDES
by Alessandro Pavan, Savitar Sundaresan, and Xavier Vives
Econometric Society Meetings, 2022


The Political Economy of Prudential Regulation, SLIDES
by Magdalena Rola-Janicka
FIN-FIRE-Workshop, 2021

Delayed Crises and Slow Recoveries, SLIDES
by Xuewen Liu, Pengfei Wang, and Zhongchao Yang
China International Conference in Finance (CICF), 2021

Is There Too Much Benchmarking in Asset Management?, SLIDES
by Anil Kashyap, Natalia Kovrijnykh, Jian Li, and Anna Pavlova
JHU Carey Finance Conference, 2021

Renegotiation in Debt Chains, SLIDES
by Vincent Glode and Christian Opp
SFS Cavalcade, 2021

Can the Cure Kill the Patient? Corporate Credit Interventions and Debt Overhang, SLIDES
by Nicolas Crouzet and Fabrice Tourre
Adam Smith Workshop, 2021

Alpha and Beta Information, SLIDES
by Shiyang Huang, Jan Schneemeier, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, and Liyan Yang
MFA Meetings, 2021

Dissecting Mechanisms of Financial Crises: Intermediation and Sentiment, SLIDES
by Arvind Krishnamurthy and Wenhao Li
AEA Meetings, 2021


Capital Structure and Hedging Demand with Incomplete Markets, SLIDES
by Alberto Bisin, Gian Luca Clementi, and Piero Gottardi
Cambridge Corporate Finance Theory Symposium, 2020

Market Feedback: Who Learns What?, SLIDES
by Itay Goldstein, Jan Schneemeier, and Liyan Yang
SFS Cavalcade, 2020

Bank Competition, Lending Technologies, and Credit Availability: Evidence Using Antitrust Regulatory Frictions, SLIDES
by Allen N. Berger and Dasol Kim
AEA Meetings, 2020

Liquidity versus Information Efficiency, SLIDES
by Sergei Glebkin
AFA Meetings, 2020


A Dynamic Theory of Multiple Borrowing, SLIDES
by Daniel Green and Ernest Liu
NYU Stern Five Star Conference, 2019

The Financial Crisis Bailouts: What They Cost Taxpayers and Who Reaped The Direct Benefits, SLIDES
by Deborah Lucas
Shadow Open Market Committee, 2019

Cournot Fire Sales, SLIDES
by Thomas Eisenbach and Gregory Phelan
Second Financial Stability Conference Bank of Spain, 2019

Variation Margins, Fire Sales, and Information-Constrained Optimality, SLIDES
by Bruno Biais, Florian Heider, Marie Hoerova
FIRS Meetings, 2019

Self-Fulfilling Asset Prices, SLIDES
by Alexander Zentefis
AFA Meetings, 2019


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fire Sales, SLIDES
by Pablo Kurlat
Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility, 2018

Speed Acquisition, SLIDES
by Shiyang Huang and Bart Zhou Yueshen
SFS Cavalcade, 2018

Risk-Taking Dynamics and Financial Stability, SLIDES
by Anton Korinek and Martin Nowak
AEA Meetings, 2018

The Misallocation of Finance, SLIDES
by Toni Whited and Jake Zhao
Econometric Society Meetings, 2018


Divergent Risk-Attitudes and Endogenous Collateral Constraints, SLIDES
by Giuliano Curatola and Ester Faia
ESSIM, 2017

Moral Hazard Misconceptions: the Case of the Greenspan Put, SLIDES
by Gideon Bornstein and Guido Lorenzoni
AEA Meetings, 2017


The Output Costs of Sovereign Default, SLIDES
by Benjamin Hébert and Jesse Schreger
Yale Junior Finance Conference, 2016

Multiple Equilibria in Open Economy Models with Collateral Constraints: Overborrowing Revisited, SLIDES
by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martin Uribe
​NBER International Finance Spring Meeting, 2016


Monetary Policy and the Redistribution Channel, SLIDES
by Adrien Auclert
NBER Mathematical Economics Conference, 2015

Coordinating Business Cycles, SLIDES
by Edouard Schaal and Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel
Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility, 2015

Advertising Arbitrage, SLIDES
by Sergei Kobasyuk and Marco Pagano
CEPR Asset Pricing Conference Gerzensee, 2015

Can a Financial Transaction Tax Prevent Stock Price Booms?, SLIDES
by Klaus Adam, Johannes Beutel, Albert Marcet and Sebastian Merkel
Barcelona GSE Summer Forum Macro-Finance, 2015

A Model of the Reserve Asset, SLIDES
by Zhiguo He, Arvind Krishnamurthy and Konstantin Milbradt
Columbia Safe Assets Conference, 2015


International Spillovers and Guidelines for Policy Cooperation, SLIDES
by Anton Korinek
NBER International Finance Fall Meeting, 2014

A Theory of Power Law Distributions for the Returns to Capital and of the Credit Spread Puzzle, SLIDES
by François Geerolf
Barcelona GSE Summer Forum Macro-Finance, 2014

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